ERR0069 Diamond Earrings In Classic Ageless Design

ERR0069 Diamond Earrings In Classic Ageless Design

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It expresses the ageless grace and beauty of diamonds in an abiding statement of love and romance. 

 Metal Type Metal Color Purity in Kt Weight (gm)
Gold White 14 4.00


Stone Name Shape Color Clarity Cut No. Wt. (Ct)
Diamond Round D-E-F VVS Hearts Arrows 14 1.97
Diamond Round D-E-F VVS Hearts Arrows 2 0.52


Outer Diameter (In Millimeters)


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About Dazzle Street

Q1) Who are we? What makes Dazzle Street different?

A1) Dazzle Street is a premier online jewelry store with physical store presence since 1992.  We make jewelry from the best in class diamonds (Clarity VVS and above) and product quality is unmatched.     


Q2) Where is Dazzle Street located?

A2) Dazzle Street is located in city of Jalandhar, Punjab, India.


Q3) Where do you make your diamond jewellery?

A3) All diamond jewellery of Dazzle Street is made in India by experienced craftsmen at Surat.


Q4) Does Dazzle Street provide a catalog?

A4) No, all jewelry and products of Dazzle Street are listed on the website.  We do not provide any separate catalog.


Q5) Do you offer any additional discounts?

A5) Any discount offered is displayed on the website.  No other / additional discount is offered on any product / jewellery.


Q6) Does Dazzle Street sells gift cards or gift certificates?

A6) Yes, we do sell gift cards or certificates.  They are available for fixed denominations and can be redeemed online for delivery within India.  To know more, please email at –


Q7) Are there any stores I can visit to see the jewellery?

A7) No, Dazzle Street is a complete online store only.  Physical store is in operation since 1992 under the name of ABS Diamonds.


About Dazzle Street Diamond Jewelry & Certification


Q8) Can I get any customisations done to the diamond jewelry listed online?

A8) Yes, you can contact us for any customisation that you require.  We will confirm its feasibility before accepting your order.  Change in size or gemstone or even asking for your own custom change to the design are accepted.  However, additional time may be required for delivery. 


Q9) How is the jewelry packed and how do I store it after receiving it?

A9) All diamond jewelry comes in a gift box which is yours to keep.  Your purchase should be kept in this gift box away from heat and moisture when not wearing.  Gift box is packed in tamper proof packing before it is shipped to ensure that jewelry reaches you as seen on


Q10) Do you carry this specific kind of stones?

A10) We have jewelry designs made from different stones.  If you are looking for a specific stone, you can use the search feature on our website.  If required, we can make the jewelry design in your stone specifications if it is not available on


Q11) How do you certify your jewelry?

A11) Every jewelry piece is graded for the quality of its diamonds. Every jewelry item carries an inhouse certification of gold, diamonds and stones, in a tabular form.  Metal color and karat and diamond / gemstone color, clarity, cut and weight are all specified.


Q12) Does your jewelry have 3rd party certification?

A12) Yes, all-natural stones – diamonds or gemstones have 3rd party certification.


Q13) What are third party certifications?

A13) Third party certification refers to the certification of the diamonds by reputed and independent gem laboratories, like GIA (Gemological Institute of America), IGI (International Gemological Institute), GSI (Gemological Science International). These laboratories certificates declare undisputed quality guarantees. Incase of any doubt, our certificates are also available on these laboratories’ website for reference. 


Q15) Is it possible to check the accuracy and genuineness of the certificate issued by GSI or IGI?

A15) Yes, you can fill the certificate number on GSI or IGI websites to verify the certificate.  We have also provided a link where the diamond jewelry is verified by the lab and you can view the actual certificate by clicking on the link  GSI or IGI.


Q16) I have lost my certificate, what do I do?

A16) In case you lose your original certificate; duplicate certificate will be issued to you at no extra cost.  You will be required to share the order number and receipt copy along with your mailing address.


Q17) What are lab created or synthetic diamonds?

A17) Lab created or synthetic diamonds are not mined or natural diamonds but are created in the laboratory and under fair practices must be declared as synthetic or lab created diamonds.  We, at deal only in natural diamonds.


Q18) What are Conflict Diamonds? And do you use them?

A18) Conflict diamonds are the diamonds that are mined in the countries where the money from diamonds is used to fund conflicts, finance war lords and insurgency especially using child soldiers. As per the latest agreement, all the dealers have to give an undertaking that they do not import rough diamonds or deal in diamonds that are sourced from such countries. We, at Dazzle Street, do not deal in conflict diamonds.


Q19) What size standard do you use for ring and bangle?

A19) Dazzle Street ring sizes are standard sizes.  Size of every diamond jewelry is displayed in the product info.  Same sizes are used by jewelers across India.  If you are residing or are accustomed to sizes in countries outside India, then please refer to Wikipedia guide for conversion.  Please note the Dazzle Street does not take any responsibility for correctness and accuracy of this article.  For bangles please contact us for size details.


Q20) How do I know my ring size

A21) Best way to find your right ring size is to ask any jeweller near you to measure your ring size.  Ring size are standard across India.  Otherwise, you will need to measure the diameter of your finger with thread and convert it into ring size.  Online reference of ring size can be found here.  Please note that does not take any responsibility for correctness and accuracy of this article.


Q21) Do pendants come with chain?

A20) Some pendants have chain while some do not.  100% of jewelry elements are shown in the jewelry photograph.  If the photograph on shows chain, then pendant comes with the chain unless mentioned otherwise. If photograph does not contain chain, then it does not come with a chain


Q22) What if I need to resize or repair a piece of diamond Jewelry?

A22) If the diamond jewelry and in most cases the diamond ring can be resized, we would do that for you.  Any other repairs are also possible but the shipping costs of two sides will have to be borne by you.  This applies even if you have ordered a wrong size.


Q24) Can I get a trail of any jewelry at home before buying?

A24) No, we do not offer trail at home facility as of now. 



Purchasing Dazzle Street Diamond Jewelry and Returns and Buybacks

Q25) Can I shop and order by phone?

A25) No, we do not take orders over phone.  You will need to visit to place the order online.


Q26) How do I know I have successfully placed an order

A26) You will receive an order confirmation email once we have successfully received your order details and payment. 


Q27) Can my shipping address be different from billing address?

A27) Yes, it can be different.  But we will take measures to confirm that we deliver to the given address.


Q29) Can I order for COD payments?   What are the accepted mode of payments?

A29) No, we do not have COD (Cash on Delivery) facility.  Payment needs to be made for order to be processed.  You can pay online through any of the accepted modes such as Mastercard, Visa, Diners, American Express, or Paypal.  We use 256-bit encrypted SSL system which is the global best practice for payment systems.


Q30) Is the price on website the final price?  Are there any hidden costs?

A30) Price displayed on website is the final price inclusive of all taxes and shipping cost.


Q31) Are prices subject to change on Dazzle Street?

A31) Yes, prices are subject to change without notice.


Q32) What do I do if I don’t like what I have ordered and want to return the diamond jewelry?

A32) You can intimate us through your account on for return within 24 hours of receiving it.  We will have the jewelry picked from your place.  Full refund will be issued without any deduction after we have received the jewelry in original condition.  The money will be refunded to the same account from which original payment was made.


Q33) What do I have to do for shipping the jewelry back?

A33) You have to put the jewelry in the same package in which you received it and have it sealed in the presence of the courier, in the tamper proof polyethylene packaging provided by the courier company.  Packing will carry a unique alpha numeric code which should be entered in the return parcel receipt given by the courier company.  This number will be required as reference for tracking your jewelry return and refund processing.


Q34) Do I need to pay for the return of damaged jewelry or return within 24 hours?

A34) No, the shipping is on us.  You only have to put the jewelry in tamper proof packaging provided to you by the courier company.  Rest will be done by us.


Q35) Why do I have to make my intent to return the goods in just 24 hours after receiving delivery?

A35) We firmly believe that, once you open the package and try the jewelry, you would know for sure whether it is for you or not.  It is simply a yes or no thing.  We respect your judgement and we allow you the returns at no cost.  However, it is our policy not to more than 24hrs for decision making on returns.


Q36) How soon are payments made to my account on the goods returned to you?

A36) The diamond jewelry returned is checked and examined for damage and genuineness.  If no proof of tampering is found and jewelry is in order, the amount is re-credited to the account from which order payment was made. The whole process should not take more than 1 week after we receive the returns.


Q37) Do you have replacement policy?

A37) We have a replacement policy for Jewelry as mentioned below.

Manufacturing Defects: In the unlikely event, if you receive a product with manufacturing defects, we guarantee 100% product replacement at no additional costs.

Damaged in Transit: If the product is damaged in transit we will replace the same product for you. Please do not accept the product if you receive the box in tampered condition.



Q38) How do I cancel the order?

A38) Before shipment of the product, you can cancel the order through your account.  Post shipment, an order can be cancelled only due to:

Order could not be shipped on the specified date

Any other force majeure reason beyond the control of vendors or Dazzle Street, including bandh, strike, natural climatic, etc.                      


Q39) What are buy-backs?

A39) We offer lifetime buyback of your purchase but after six months of order date.  You need to keep the jewelry with you for at least six months before we can buyback.  A deduction of 20% of the current jewelry value (current diamond and metal prices) will be made.  You can receive the calculated amount in cash through credit in bank account or you can also exercise the option of exchange and set off the amount of the buyback against new purchase.

In case of any discount or Promo codes that were used during the original purchase, the buyback amount would be 80% of the current product value less the discount percentage availed.



Q40) Can I pay from card or bank account outside India but get it delivered within India?

A40) Yes, you can pay from card issued from any bank outside India or direct wire transfer from any bank account outside India and get the jewelry delivered within India.  When delivery is within India, it will be considered as domestic order / local sale.  Returns, buybacks, taxes and shipping charges will be applied as applicable for sale in India.  However, the invoice will be in the name of payee i.e. who has paid the amount and not in the name of person to whom the product will be delivered.  


Dazzle Street Jewelry Shipment

Q40) How will my jewelry order be send? Regular post or private courier?

A40) We use reliable and reputable courier services to ship orders to you.


Q41) Is there any shipping insurance? Who pays for it?

A41) Our shipping orders are insured for 100% of bill amount (incl taxes) and are part of price displayed.  This is a standard feature offered by any reputable courier service.  Insurance is valid only for the transit i.e. after we submit your order for shipment till you receive it.


Q42) Is sending my jewelry by courier safe?

A42) Yes, sending jewelry by courier is safe.  We use reputed courier services who are reliable and fast.  Jewelry is packed in special tamper proof pack which protects it from damage.  Once your shipment is out, we will share the airway bill number with you and you can track its progress.


Q43) Can I change my shipping address after placing the order?

A43) Yes, you can change the shipping address before the shipment has started.  Once your order is out for shipment, we cannot recall / stop it.


Q44) How long does it take for an order to get delivered?

A44) If the order is in stock, then it will be delivered between 3 – 5 days within India.  For international orders, the delivery date is confirmed within 48hrs of placing the order.  Usual wait time is 10 days for popular destinations such as United States of America and United Kingdom.


Q45) What happens if my order shipment is lost and I do not receive the delivery?

A45) If you do not receive your order by promised delivery date, please contact us.  We will ship the replacement to you at no extra cost with update delivery date.

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